A Dream Come True
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A Dream Come True

Photo courtesy of Sabina Mladin

The Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola Project
Dear friends, Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola was created for you: our philosophy is to place “you” at the heart of every wedding, ceremony and event we organize. From the very first contact you will become “special friends” of our organization. The first thing we ask you is: what is your dream, the dream that you have always harbored for yourself or for those you love? It will be our joy and pleasure to make your dreams come true, by turning into storywriters to write a fairytale for each one of you, and then, as if by magic, making it become wonderful reality. Our goal for each ceremony is that it should be a fairytale to last forever. Just like the dreams and fairy tales that we all indulged our fantasy in as kids, the event that we create for you will be like a haute couture dress made by the finest tailors – every facet and every detail should and will be the epitome of class, elegance and personal expression: this is the “Made in Italy” guarantee. Dear friends, it’s programmed in the DNA of our organization that each ceremony must be a unique event to try at least once in a lifetime. Whatever your event may be and whoever you are, we will be right beside you to create your marriage or proposal, anniversary or symbolic ceremony, vow renewal or marriage blessing.
Moving moment
Photo courtesy of Sabina Mladin
Dear friends, as we always say in our initial consultation, “no one will be able to tell the difference between dream and reality” – just point your eyes toward infinity and experience the uncontaminated nature all around you in places where you can feel the history and unique landscapes that Italy can offer. These natural blessings are accompanied by a guarantee of elegance, simplicity, uniqueness and flair, which are the special features of our “Made in Italy” brand.

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The Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola Staff
Our organization is made up of two teams, who work together to ensure that your fairytale event goes absolutely perfectly. They will keep you informed about the preparations for “your fairytale come true” every step of the way.
The “Creative” Staff
Marcella Lavarini, a destination wedding specialist and wedding planner with 20 years of international experience, has been steadily growing in the field thanks to her interaction with the top professionals. For us, Marcella Lavarini is primarily the “writer” of your dream that is going to be turned into reality, but she’s also in charge of the creative staff that will take care of the organization and on-the-day services, and is the creator of our philosophy of placing “you at the heart of every event, as if it were the most special day for each one of our staff.
Thanks to her dedication and professional skills, Marcella Lavarini not only creates fairytales and coordinates the efforts of all the staff, but is also keeps everyone up to date with the latest trends, whether it’s fashion, styles, or the hottest emerging locations and venues both in Italy and farther afield. For Marcella, travel, culture and contemplation of the wonders that our planet holds are fundamental components that both further her knowledge and nourish her soul.
No matter what the style of your fairytale dream is, our team will be focused on each one of you with their hearts and souls, so that the most important day of your life will be totally unique and unforgettable. Marcella Lavarini and her creative staff will follow you every step of the way in making your dream come true, interfacing constantly with you so as to understand with certainty what it is you wish for yourself or for the one you love. After the initial consultation phase, the design and planning phase kicks in: it is our privilege to take care of every detail and walk side by side with you until the long-awaited day of the event. Our organization will select the best suppliers for you, those that reflect your ideas and meet with our high standards. We take you by the hand all the way providing you with the best advice and solutions.
Dear friends, it is one of our greatest sources of pride to be able to deal with anything unexpected, keeping you completely free you from the anxiety and stress that too often go with the preparations for fairytale events. We will save your valuable time and leave you only the joy of finally gliding through the most enchanting of fairytale weddings together with your soul mate.
The “Events” Staff
The other department of our organization is directed by a Project Manager, the managerial and entrepreneurial core of the group, who has been in this profession since 1988. He has considerable experience and knowledge in the field of economics, and also architecture. He is a lover of beauty in all its forms, because he is a lover and connoisseur of art, design, photography and timeless fashion – dictated mainly by his “Made in Italy” style but with a distinct appreciation of the best of British style. His is the critical eye that, together with Marcella Lavarini, ultimately ensures the precision, elegance and finesse of every single detail.
The events staff analyze the needs expressed by the creative staff, work with them to decide on the main concept of the event, and also meet with suppliers and discuss with them the needs in terms of: expected results, availability of resources, how to turn the ideas into reality and schedules. They perform a feasibility assessment and draw up the event plan, and, based on the needs identified by the creative staff, suggest possible steps and evaluate their logistical, planning, economic and legal aspects. They also pick out complementary and “tailor-made” products to help make the event a perfect success. The events staff carefully research the locations, activate partnerships and contracts with suppliers and all the consultants employed for the event, and source organizations to entrust with the creation of specific elements for the event. The events staff also monitor and evaluate the performance of each event organized by Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola in line with the “Made in Italy” label, where the words elegance, class and uniqueness finally have real meaning.

Photo courtesy of Yervant International

Why should I choose Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola?
Dear friends, we believe that the answer is simple: as we’ve already stated, Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola can and will make your dream come true; we’ll be your storywriters and come up with a fairytale just for you that we will then magically transform into wonderful reality; in this waking dream, our “Made in Italy” label is the guarantee that elegance, class, uniqueness and flair will be at the core.
The challenge we have to meet every day before we can be satisfied is the pleasure of surprising you and creating unique sensations. Nothing is more rewarding for us than the awareness that we have been given a dream – your dream – to fulfill. To make it happen we will give you our hearts in addition to our organizational skills, because our philosophy is “you at the heart of every event”. We are aware of our power to fulfill your dreams, because we have 20 years of local and international experience in budget analysis and drafting, and in the planning and organization of “material concerns”. We are professionals who know the market and its operators, with whom we have privileged relationships; we know exactly where to go to get the services and products that will be needed to organize every type of event, so you won’t have to waste valuable time in the search for what you dream of and need for your fairytale wedding. Dear friends, let yourselves be pampered and enjoy every moment leading up to your fairytale wedding – this should be your only thought and our only priority (as well as our pleasure).
All you need to do is rub Aladdin’s lamp and whisper your dream to us, letting your imagination soar, because with us, anything you want can be achieved …
Now dear friends, close your eyes and imagine ... beyond all constraints ... we will be with you all the way ...
Thanks to all of you, from our staff of Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola.