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Exclusive Services

The Art of Creating a Wedding Invitation
Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola will design a tailor-made wedding invitation for you – we’ll help you choose what you want, then our staff will look after every single detail. The style you choose for your wedding invitation will be a taster of the distinction and style the whole wedding will be imbued with, ...

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The History and Custom of Wedding Favors
In recent times, the wedding favor has tended to take the form of a small container, often made of a precious material, used as a symbol of gratitude the newlyweds offer to the people invited to the ceremony. These tokens are often an expression of good wishes or are supposed to bring luck, and always serve as a reminder of the wedding day.

Antique Carriages, Vintage Cars and Bare Feet
To surprise your guests by making an entrance they’ll always remember, there are no limits to the imagination – it just depends on where you choose to have your day and your fairytale wedding. Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola have envisioned you arriving in: a wooden motorboat from the 60s adorned with ...

The Importance of Music
When the Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola imagine the perfect wedding ceremony, there is always “a cappella” performance of Schubert’s Ave Maria by an opera singer, a church choir, or perhaps a Gospel choir, boy sopranos or a traditional indigenous choir, whose voices accompanying the bride and groom at ...

Fireworks: The Magic of Light
Dear friends, until now we’ve talked a lot about elegance, sophistication, charm and class. For Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola a wedding ceremony is not just a ceremony to share with friends and family, but should be considered a big event in itself, as well as a celebration of uniqueness and ...