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Photo courtesy Green of Tea Photography

Dear friends and readers, thanks to all of you who have inspired my imagination and natural curiosity with all your questions and  gave me food for my thoughts, thanks to all of you finally a new journey begins. The wedding blog, started almost for fun, has turned into a wonderful reality. I had to thanks to all the amazing people who have actively participated and shared their precious work, bridal designer, photographer, jewelry designer, cake designer, vintage experts. I had the wonderful opportunity to make “new friends” always kind, open-minded and always willing to support me, even when I drive them crazy, it happened. I hope they will continue keep supporting me. I am so lucky to do what I love for living. Today the wedding blog has earned its own website and it will grow day after day, step after step up to turn it into a wedding magazine. We will do it always with glamor, style, fantasy and a hint of irony. Luxury wedding inspirations and new ideas. We roll-out with the heady scent of flowers.
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Another year is coming to its end, we are ready to celebrate the new year to come.
“Love gives up hope, hope for the New Year. That’s New Year’s Eve to me. Hope, and a great party. New Year’s Eve (2011).
This blog is my way to celebrate Love, to wish to all the couple that are going to marry in 2017 a new year full of love, possibilities, great hopes, new paths to explore. It will not always be easy, but it’s always worth it. Are you wondering why I choose black and white? I think it is more like me, always trying to capture the real emotion, or a feeling that is hard to put into words. It is all about contrasts just like life, just like me, I love black and white and bright colors, I’m always smiling, friendly and outgoing and the most timid person on earth at the same time.
Let’s begin our journey …
Photo courtesy of Julian Kanz Photography
“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible ...”
Quote from the movie - When Harry Met Sally (1989)
Photo from Jessica and Matts wedding
“I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love ...”
Quote from the movie - The Vow (2012)
Photo courtesy of Chrisman Studios
“For the two of us, home isn't a place. It is a person. And we are finally home ...”
Quote from the movie - Anna and the French Kiss (2010)
Photo courtesy of Green Tea Photography
“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return ...”
Quote from the movie - Moulin Rouge (2001)
Photo courtesy of Yervant Photography
“Love requires sacrifice, but it’s worth it. Always...”
Quote from the movie - The Longest Ride (2015)
Photo Courtesy Raffaele Montepaone
“It’s like in that moment the whole universe existed just to bring us together.”
Quote from the movie - Serendipity (2001)
Photo courtesy of Sabina Mladin
“Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away..."
Quote from the movie - Hitch (2005)
Photo courtesy of iMagemaker
“When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planet and love will steer the stars...”
Quote from the movie - Hair (1979) in song.
Photo courtesy of Randy Jackson Photography
“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird...”
Quote from the movie - The Notebook  (2004)
Photo courtesy of Chrisman Studios
“I have crossed oceans of time to find you”
Quote from the movie - Dracula  (1992)
Photo courtesy of Green Tea Photography
“I love you. You…you complete me...”  
Quote from the movie - Jerry Maguire (1996)
Photo Courtesy of Raffaele Montepaone
“But the heart’s not like a box that gets filled up. It expands in size the more you love...”
Quote from the movie - Her (2013)
Photo courtesy of Chrisman Studios
“You should be kissed, every day, every hour, every minute...”
Quote from the movie - The Lucky One (2012)
Photo courtesy of Kinga Leftska
“In love you loosened yourself like sea water...”
Quote from the movie - Neruda (2016)
Photo courtesy of Randy Jackson Photography
“Choose me. Marry me. Let me make you happy...”
Quote from the movie - My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)
Photo courtesy of Yervant Photography
“They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that’s true...”
Quote from the movie - Big Fish (2003)
Photo courtesy of Julian Kanz Photography
“I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her...”
Quote from the movie - Notting Hill (1999)
Photo courtesy of Yervant Photography
“The only one that makes me feel like I can fly is you...”
Quote from the movie - Hitch (2005)
Photo courtesy of iMagemaker
“I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you...”
Quote from the movie - Her (2013)
Photo courtesy of Sabina Mladin
“Like a river flows surely to the sea, Darling so it goes. Some things are meant to be. Take my hand, take my whole life too..”
Quote from the movie - Blu Hawaii  (1961) in song  by Elvis Presley
Photo courtesy Aozma Qureshi
I would like to thank all the photographers, who with their shots have made this journey through the emotions possible. 
I would like to thank them all for their kindness and openness, always willing to cooperate and share their amazing shots.
Thanks to all of you visitors, that you've joined me in this photographic journey.
Marcella Lavarini


It was Queen Victoria with her wedding in 1840, who clears the way for the modern white wedding dress. Prior to 1840, white had been reserved for those of the wealthier class. Fabric was expensive and white stained easily so it was not reusable. Queen Victoria strengthen the notion that a wedding dress should be worn once and she has been credited with starting the tradition of white weddings gowns, in fact for her wedding with Prince Albert she wore a white heavy silk satin dress.
Clip from the movie - The Young Victoria
Before the late nineteenth century, bridal dresses came in a profusion of colors and patterns.  
C. 1838 Silk and Wool blend jacquard wedding gown as a gift of Gift of Steven Porterfield. Object id. 2010.897.5
Photos courtesy of FIDM MUSEUM and GALLERY
On the left: 1836 Moritz Daniel Oppenheim - Marriage Portrait of Charlotte von Rothschild.
On the right: 1859 Henrik Olrik - The Bride is Embellished by her girl friend.
To recreate the atmosphere of the late nineteenth century in a modern key, wedding dresses straight out of a painting of the time. From Cailand’s London Collection.
On the left: Look. n. 1
On the right: Look n. 16
Photos courtesy of Cailand’s
Clip from the movie - Wuthering Heights
Obviously, poor, peasants and working-class people in Europe and America often found it difficult, if not impossible, to buy special clothes for their wedding, so they simply wear their best dress.
Edwardian Era 
Wedding dress of the period Edwardian era, which is in the United Kingdom the period of British history that covers the brief reign of King Edward VII, from 1901 to 1910. In the early 1900s white was still the color of choice for monied brides, other brides opted for pastel colours. Frills on the bodice, puffy sleeves, high waists, high collars, long trains were in fashion for the period.  The 1910s introduced a more flowing silhouette for wedding gowns.
On the left: Pristine Edwardian Hand Made Lace & Silk Wedding Dress. On the right: Edwardian Battenburg Lace Dress.
Photos courtesy of 1stdibs
Edwardian Romantic Vintage Ispiration.
Wedding gown Bon Bon of Marina Mansanta Haute Couture– photos by Joee Wong
C. 1910 Micro sequin and beaded fringe trimmed chiffon wedding gown.
Photos courtesy of
Post- Edwardian wedding gowns inspirations? Be inspired by Downton Abbey the British-American drama television series. Downton Abbey's 1920s style has definitely become a trend in the wedding world.
Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley wedding.
Lady Mary wedding gown: a long sleeved cream dress covered with pearls and crystals, to hold the veil a floral diamond tiara.
Clip from the TV Show - Downton Abbey
On the left: Lady Rose wedding gown, a beaded silk tulle gown. Photo from Tv show Downtown Abbey.
On the right: A creation of Callot Soeurs, shown at Metropolitan Museum of Art. Photo from the book Total Design.
The 1920s
Were the golden age in the American history and “The great Gatsby” style as we call it today were in fashion, silky sheaths, sparkling embellishments, and pearls, string of pearls everywhere used also as décor, final touch headbands and a glimpse of gold. Jazz music to dance the night away.  
1920s original satin wedding dress.
Wedding gown of Vintachic – photos by Marzia Troiani
On the left: A creation of Louise Boulanger 1928 shown at Metropolitan Museum of Art. Photo from the book Total Design.
On the right: 1920s inspired Marina Mansanta Haute Couture wedding dress Lola, as seen on Woman&Bride Magazine. Photo by Armando Cattarinich.
For a Golden Age inspired wedding …
From  Galia Lahav Tales of the Jazz Age:
Tiffany is in Point d’esprit tulle layered over silk tulle and ornated with an antique embroidered mesh. The dress is entirely hand embroidered with sequins, tiny pearls and antique studded crystal chains.
Photo courtesy of Galia Lahav
Lana is a blush colored and half sheer dress. The top of the gown is entirely embroidered in ivory crochet with sandstone pearls and sequins. The back of the gown has a very deep low cut and has a nude illusion with an embroidered drape sash. The skirt is a melange of ivory and dusted rose tulle trimmed with a wide cirn dentelle.
Photo courtesy of Galia Lahav
From Alon Livné White, Bridal collection 2017:
Pearl is an exquisite dress with a raised collar and soft-shaped bottom, giving the style a regal and classic appearance, with pearls draping the feminine silhouette for that extra touch of elegance. A “Watteau” train with pearl details is a majestic option to add to the already royal-esque Pearl.
Photos courtesy of Alon Livné White
From Watters 2017 Collection:
Isa Ornate beading with a 1920s flair, this fit-and-flare gown is dripping with crystals on Illusion Tulle and Soft Spanish Net. Chapel train.
Photo courtesy of Watters
Spreading from the U.S. the thirties was considered the Depression-era, for this reason many brides choose a dress that could be tinged after the wedding and worn again. Hats were the headpiece for many brides, rather than traditional veils. One of the most iconic wedding dress of all the time is the one worn by Wallis Simpson in the occasion of her wedding to Edward, Duke of Windsor on 1937. For her wedding dress a signature color were made the "Wallis blue" to match her eyes.
Photo from the book of Total Design
Original 1930s Cream satin wedding dress, Cathedral train.
Wedding gown of Vintachic – photos by Marzia Troiani
C. 1930 Sleeveless drop-waisted sequin bodice with sequin shoulder strap. Satin skirt with a generous train.
Photos courtesy of
The well-off brides could be inspired by the iconic fashion of the Hollywoodian divas of the period, Greta Garbo, Katharine Hepburn, Joan Crawford, Jean Harlow, Mae West just to name a few.
Stretch silk satin mermaid line wedding gown.
Photos courtesy of Delsa
Clip from the movie - Dinner at Eight
On the left: Jean Harlow in the movie Dinner at eight. Photo from the movie.
On the right: From Romantic Collection of Marina Mansanta Haute Couture, Struzzo with long gloves. Model Vittoria Puccini and photo by Studio Righi.
1930s Hollywoodian divas style … “Vionnet bias-cut”, mermaid line, low back, silk satin, evening wedding gown style. Madeleine Vionnet became popular as “the queen of the bias cut” one of her quotes says, “when a woman smiles, then her dress should smile too”. The bias cut is a design technique where cloth is cut diagonal, enabling the dress to adhere to the body during movement. The bias cut seemed to be created for the ‘30s Hollywood fashion icon Jean Harlow.
On the left: Jean Harlow in  the movie Saratoga (1937).
On the right: Chicca silk satin mermaid wedding gown. Shawl bodice, detachable sleeves. Photo courtesy of Collezione Carlo Pignatelli Couture.
On the left: Jean Harlow portrait.
On the right: Leona V-Neck, Silk Georgette gown, lined with Stretch Satin, creating a light and flattering feel. Photo courtesy of Watters.
On the left: Jean Harlow Portrait.
On the right: From Le Spose di Giò Classic Collection, look CL 40: Fit and flare evening style silk chiffon wedding gown. Photo courtesy of Le Spose di Giò.
On the left: Jean Harlow portrait in the movie Dinner at Eight.
On the right: From Le Spose di Giò Classic Collection, look CL 41: Silk satin empire line style bias-cut wedding gown. Photos courtesy of Le Spose di Giò.
Are you in the mood for a more dramatic effect?
Clip from the movie The Bride of Frankenstein
From Jordi Dalmau Novias Elumm Collection: Lourdes.
Photo courtesy of Jordi Dalmau Novias
It was the war time, due to limited funds common brides used fabrics to make their own wedding dresses. Wedding gowns make a virtue of simplicity, stark and elegance, focusing on shoulders, corseted waist and lay emphasis on the hips.
On the left: Charles James 1948 wedding gown shown at Metropolitan Museum of Art. Photo from the book Total Design.
On the right: From Cailan'd Vienna Collection the look n. 8. Photo courtesy of Cailan'd.
Original 1940s wedding gowns.
On the left: Long sleeve chiffon and lace wedding dress, long train.
On the right: Ecru satin wedding dress, Cathedral Train.
Wedding gown of Vintachic – Photos by Marzia Troiani (left) and Gianluca Serrago (right)
Maggy Rouff, haute couture wedding  gown, c. 1949.
Photos courtesy of 1stdibs
Clip from the movie - Cover Girl
Let be inspired by the style of the Hollywoodian fashion icon Rita Hayworh, from Giuseppe Papini 2017 Collection.
On the left: Silk crepe satin mermaid wedding gown. Chantilly lace and organdy dress cover.
On the right: Silk crepe satin mermaid wedding gown, slight sweetheart neckline, rebrode lace dress cover.
Photos courtesy of Giuseppe Papini
From Katya Katya Shehurina Bridal Collection 2017.
Liliac: A wedding gown that gives the illusion of a two piece gown joint together perfectly. The high boat neckline is embellished by using the Swarovski elements. A high neckline flows from the high neck to an open v-neckline at the back joint with the style of an opened illusion back to produce movement to the top of the gown. Joint with the beauty of the French lace top the skirt flows gracefully with soft and light in weight tulle.
Photos courtesy of Katya Katya Shehurina
Clip from the movie Woman of The Year
Movies and movies star started setting trends also in Bridal fashion, there was a real mutual exchange between fashion and cinema, more than ever before.  First it was Elizabeth Taylor in the movie “Father of the bride” of Vincente Minelli (1950), bridal style sweetheart neckline, corseted waist.
Clip from the movie - Father of the Bride 
Few years later in 1957, Hubert de Givenchy did the costumes for “Funny face”,  he brought up such an innovation in Bridal style, setting  the trend for tea length wedding dresses, for the movie he designed a ballerina-inspired wedding gown, up today one of my favorite.  Along with the new trend, short gloves and shorter veils.
Clip from the movie Funny Face
In the mood for a contemporary rock 1950s Ballerina inspired wedding gown? Jupe Mojito from the collection Bohème Rock by David Purves, is definetly what you’re looking for. Short tulle full skirt with a cotton shirt.
Wedding gown Bohème Rock by David Purves – photos by David Bacher
Are you more into a 1950s inspired tea length wedding dress? From Katya Katya Shehurina Bridal Collection 2017. 
Photos courtesy of Katya Katya Shehurina
In the 1950s we found some of the most iconic Wedding dress of all the time.
The one Jacqueline Bouvier worn in 1953 when she got married to John F. Kennedy. A bouffant wedding gown designed by Anne Lowe. It was made of ivory silk.
The one Grace Kelly’s worn for her marriage with Prince Rainier in 1956. It was designed by Helen Rose of MGM. It was a high-necked, long-sleeved gown with a Juliet cap. Medium Silk needle lace (rose point), silk faille, silk tulle, and seed pearls.
On the left: Sketch of Grace Kelly's Wedding Dress As a gift of the artist Helen Rose – Accession Number 1963-221-1
On the right: Grace Kelly's Wedding Dress and Accessories as a gift of Her Serene Highness, the Princesse Grace de Monaco, 1956 - Accession Number  1956-51-1a--d--4b
Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Museum of Art
To feel like a Queen from Galia Lahav Le Secret Royal Collection:
Corina is a princess ball gown with a tiny sweetheart corset and a full skirt. It is made of silk satin tulle, french chantilly lace and delicate appliques that adorn the train of the full voluminous skirt. The gown is entirely decorated with clear crystals and has long sleeves.
Photo courtesy of Galia Lahav
Original 1950s wedding gowns.
On the left: Tulle and lace pink wedding dress.
On the right: White and Pink tulle midi wedding dress.
Wedding gown Vintachic – Photos by Marzia Troiani
Clip from the movie - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
In the mood for a fifities themed wedding, inspired by the Hollywoodian divas of the period.
From Peter Langner Bridal collection 2017: Belle ball gown in embroidered tulle with long sleeves.
Belle Wedding gown by Peter Langner – Photos by Marco Guastalla
Original 1950s wedding gowns.
On the left: 1950s wedding dress Champagne Satin Winged Bust Wedding Peg Powers Original.
On the right: Sandra Sage Vintage 1950s Cream Nude Illusion Lace and Silk Chiffon wedding Dress.
Photos courtesy of 1stdibs
In the aftermath of the conservative 1950s came the '60s: The civil right in the U.S. where rights of black citizens had been violated, but also Europe face the civil rights movement in different ways: Northern Ireland with its Roman Catholic minority's, many communist countries had their uprisings. The sexual revolution spread throughout the Western world starting from the 1960s, along with the women's liberation movement. While marriage held the greatest importance in the '50s, the role of women and wives began to change in the following decade and so do the brides, they wore everything from Gowns with high-waisted empire lines, to mini wedding dress, also short veil became very popular. It was the space age and wedding dresses incorporated metallic embellishments. Daisies were everywhere, on bridal bouquets, as embellishments on wedding dresses and wedding decorations. Brides often wore brides wore pillbox hats with bouffant veils flowing from the hat. By the end of the sixties did their appearance sheath wedding dresses.
Clip from the movie - Come September
Original 1960s wedding gowns.
On the Left: Long sleeve, high-waisted empire line wedding dress.
On the right: Chantilly lace, long sleeve, high-waisted empire line, with pearl’s diamond shapes embellishments.
Wedding gown of Vintachic – Left photo by Marzia Troiani
Clip from the movie - The Graduate
In the mood for the sixties? From Katya Katya Shehurina Bridal collection 2017.
Sonnet: Bordered round the neck French Lace join with soft in colour silk taffeta flowers. Hugging the silhouette, this gown hugs the sensual figure of the bride, skimming off the body with complete ease with the lower skirt flaring from the skirt away from the hips. Fitted along the bodice, sleeves are long in length resting on top of the hand for a romantic look.
Photos courtesy of Katya Katya Shehurina
On the left: 1960s Jacques Heim wedding dress creamy metallic diamond pattern, so it sparkles beautifully.
On the right: 1960s Maggy Rouff Crisp-White Cotton Lace Tea-Length wedding gown.
Photos courtesy of 1stdibs
For a contemporary sixties mood, from Cailand’s Bridals.
On the left: From  Firenze Collection look n. 2
On the right from Vienna Collection look n. 20
Photos courtesy of Cailan'd
1960s cream mini dress with beaded top panel, Classic and iconic, a true testament to the era.
Photos courtesy of Vintage Couture
For a wonderful mini, sixties inspired, wedding, from the collection Bohème Rock by David Purves Odyssée: Silk Taffeta mini wedding gown, worn with a veil or a cape to change the your style.
Wedding gown Bohème Rock by David Purves – Photos by David Bacher
Are you in the mood to dressed-up in a classic wedding dress from the sixties, like Frances in the movie Legend? From Max Mara Bridal collection:
Stelo: Silk satin long sheat wedding gown, Kimono style.
Photo courtesy of Max Mara
Clip from the movie - Legend
It was a period of transition, mixing up fashion, ranging from hippies to the fairytale ball gown, from  a revival of the glamorous ‘20s to the bohemian vibe. We can say that most popular trends were square necklines, batwing sleeves , empire waists, double knit wedding gowns. The pantsuit were also in fashion for the period.
C. 1970 Crystal Goddess. Bergdorf Goodman strapless Grecian silk chiffon wedding dress with a variety of crystals Throughout.
Photos courtesy of
Clip from the movie - Forrest Gump
On the left: C. 1973  Zandra Rhodes Palest Ivory Grey "Seashell" Silk Dress.
On the right: Rare 1974 Zandra Rhodes "Field of Lilies" Silk chiffon hand-painted.
Photos courtesy of Shrimpton Couture
In 1975 Elizabeth Taylor re-married Richard Burton in Botswana, one year later from their divorce in 1974.  Her wedding dress was striking and it was a perfect reflection of the 1970s spirit of freedom and peace. Gina Fratini designed the dress with a colorful patchwork silk bodice and floating pastel chiffon ombré sleeves and skirts. Long, beaded, feather trimmed silk streamers hanging from the shoulders and under the bust.
Original 1975 Gina Fratini wedding Dress, same design as Elizabeth Taylor Documented.
Photos courtesy of 1stdibs
On the left: 1970s Ivory Crochet Maxi wedding dress.
On the right: 1970s  Ossie Clark Radley cream crepe and chiffon trouser wedding suit.
Photos courtesy of 1stdibs
To recall the seventies mood.
On the left: Demetra Silk cady palazzo trousers. Asymmetrical neckline shirt, long transparent sleeves, jais and swarovsky embellish wrists and waist.
On the right Calipso: Chantilly lace minidress, batwing sleeves.
Photos courtesy of Collezione Fiorinda le Spose di Carlo Pignatelli
From Jordi dalmau Novias Couture Collection: on the left Greco, on the right Mirò wedding gowns.
Photos courtesy of Jordi Dalmau Novias
Clip from the movie - What's Love Got to Do with It is
Rare 1974 "The Lily" Collection Zandra Rhodes Wedding Set.
Photos courtesy of Shrimpton Couture
The Bigger the better, extravaganza was the key word of the period, with Cathedral trains, oversized shoulders and full-length veils and frills.
Clip from the movie - Coming to America
From Delsa – Maria Cristina Collection: Lace and tulle wedding ball gown. Color Champagne and light blue.
Photo courtesy of Delsa
Easy to say that the most iconic wedding dress of the 1980s was worn by Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1981. The wedding gown worn by Princess Diana set style for the years to come: Ivory silk taffeta and antique lace, large puffed sleeves, a full skirt and a dramatic train.
1980s Cream and metallic Oscar De La Renta wedding ensamble.
Photos courtesy of Vintage Couture
Clip from the movie - Betsy's Wedding
1980s Odicini Couture Silk Satin Lesage Beaded Trained wedding Gown. For a bride who wanted to be formal and daring at the same time.
Photos courtesy of Shrimpton Couture
From Delsa Couture Collection 2017: Embroidered lace and colored applications wedding gown.
Photo courtesy of Delsa
1980s Bob Mackie One of a Kind Ballerina Wedding Dress. The corset top is embellished with crystals overlaid on the silk.
Photos courtesy of 1stdibs
Clip from the movie - Steel Magnolias
During the 1990s movies and tv-shows set the trend and it was minimalistic respect the previous decade. How can forget “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, a beautiful Julia Roberts running away from Richard Gere in the “Runaway Bride”  , the tv-shows “Friends”, “Sex & The City” who hasn’t dreamed about the stunning wedding dresses seen both on movies and tv-shows.
In 1990s destination wedding on beach paradise (mostly) started becoming trendy, which means that brides wanted wedding gowns easy to package without damages and lighter fabrics suitable for warmer climate, perfect to wear on a barefoot paradise.
Clip from the movie - Four Weddings and a Funeral
On the left: Important Pino Lancetti Hand Embroidered Duchess Satin Wedding Gown. On the right: Valentino 1996 Haute Couture Wedding Gown worn by Angie Everhart who had been a Valentino model in 1990s.
Photos courtesy of 1stdibs
Clip from the movie - Runaway Bride
I would like to thank everyone, who have made this Bride’s journey through “The way we were” possible.
I would like to thank you all for your kindness and willingness to cooperate and share their work.
Thanks to all of you visitors, that you've joined me in this Bride’s style journey, I hope you had fun like I did it.
See you in the next century …
Marcella Lavarini

Halloween the scariest night of the year is coming,  it has always been a holiday filled with mystery, magic and superstition. On Halloween, when it was believed that ghosts came back to the earthly world, people thought to avoid being recognized by these ghosts they could wear masks when they left their homes after dark so that the ghosts would mistake them for fellow spirits. Today Halloween evolved into community-based event characterized by child-friendly activities such as trick-or-treating, and cool night parties in costumes.
Halloween’s origins date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The Celts, who lived in the area that is now Ireland, the United Kingdom and northern France, celebrated their new year on November 1. This day marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold winter, a time of year that was often associated with human death. Celts believed that on the night before the new year, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became faint. On the night of October 31 they celebrated Samhain, when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth…
First it is just a shadow in the night, than it looked like a ghost looking out the window, of an old Chocolate factory … brides from the past.
To commemorate the event, Druids built sacred bonfires, where the people gathered to burn crops and animals as sacrifices to the Celtic deities. During the celebration, the Celts wore costumes, in attempt to blending with the spirits coming from the dead-world.
Over the years up today, Halloween celebration, spread in the world, first with Holy Roman Empire that conquered many of the Celtic territory, and combined Roman and Celtic customs and traditions, then with American colonies…
It is a night, in which everything could scare you up, your girlfriend getting ready for you under the shower …
I started from history, to imaging something different than a cool night party. I prefer to imagine a loving couple, spending Halloween night together, a spooky romantic night, sharing intimacy, maybe cuddling on the couch, watching horror movies with a wedding theme naturally … few suggestions …
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.
 Clip from the movie Sweeney Todd of Tim Burton
Corpse Bride.
 Clip from the movie “ Corpse Bride” of Tim burton and Mike Johnson
Bride of Chucky.
 Clip from the movie  Bride of Chucky of Ronny Yu
Are you scared? No? Than try to look at your beloved cat and doll … Do they look any different on this night? It is only your imagination …
The creepy doll ...
Your cute, sweet, dearest cat ...
A classic … Hellbride.
Photos form the movie Hellbride of Pat Higgins
And my favorite.. ( maybe I shouldn’t say because I’m a wedding planner? ) It is  not a movie but a tv show, Dexter Morgan, a forensics expert, a loyal husband, brother, and friend. That's what he seems to be, but that's not what he really is. Dexter Morgan is a sociopath Serial Killer with a code … he kills only the the bad guys.
Clip form the tv show Dexter
The evening is not coming to end, and Halloween it is all about spirits and ghosts, and you can tell each other stories of ghosts, brides ghosts back from the past, maybe they have something left unsaid or undone.
Halloween is near ... and maybe there'll be a lot of ghosts wating for you …
Looking out for you, while you are working …
Our Inner E-Motions … Sometimes we are angry but we put on a smiling face. We are sad but the anger shows in our eyes, this night we are coming back to show the mix of emotions in our inner life, that we didn’t have time to explain …
The Ghostly bride apparition keep flowing …
Haven’t you pop the big question yet?  Maybe this is the right time … the heart beating faster, the chills run down your spine, yes the time is right to fall down on your knees and say the magic words … Will you marry me?
And for a such special scary night, you should need a terrific engagement ring … with a soul.  Few ideas that I love?
The black rock … 5.33 Carat Radiant Cut Fancy Black Diamond Engagment Ring.
The CARRE’ RING, The ring has a great visual impact, and is meant to surprise. Handmade in rose gold 18 K, with 1 amethyst and diamonds. 
Are you in the mood for a dramatic orange Wow effect?
On the left, Aral The most classic diamond band shines with a mandarin garnet in it’s centre,  handmade in white gold 18 K. On the right Ormond, A ring with a great visual impact and a modern design. The central stone is expertly cut and it is accompanied by a double row of diamonds.
Are you in the mood, for a great statement of strong personality?  A ring about which people will talk for generations to come?
On the right Michael Kanners Fantastic Tourmaline Diamond Gold Mask Ring, on the left an Impressive Black and Brown Diamond Gold Palladium Skull Ring.
I would like to thank all the photographers and jewellers, who have made this wedding journey in the dark side possible. 
I would like to thank them all for their kindness and willingness to cooperate and share their work.
Thanks to all of you visitors, that you've joined me in this Brides ghost stories journey, I hope you had fun like I did it.
Marcella Lavarini

Photo courtesy of Day La Paz Photography

In the beginning there was Phoebe, I’m talking about Friends. How can forget her winter wedding, a blizzard hit New York city, instead of postponing it, following Rachel suggestions, they decided to do service in the street right outside Central Perk… “you couldn’t ask for a more romantic setting” … I love Phoebe, she was so kind, smart, funny, adorably weird and her wedding couldn’t be any different. Phoebe refused to wear a coat even though it was freezing and snowing outside … “I’ll be my something blue” … That was Phoebe.
Clip from the tv show Friends 
Winter wedding & the city, a snow mantle is covering the streets, don’t miss out the opportunity for amazing outdoor wedding shots, they really worth a little discomforts, but I’m pretty sure you will only feel love all around you, not the cold or anything else. If you’re worried about the weather on your wedding day, just remember that snow weather produce amazing photos, always look at the bright side.
And you may kiss the bride …
How can forget Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson in the movie “Marley& me”, who were involved in the worst spring blizzard of the Southern Michigan, the car broken down and Jennifer finally toasting to a good luck sign in a hot tub … a “Blizzard on your wedding day”
 Clip from the movie Marley & Me
 Let your love shines and glows, a couple's embrace in the snow at their winter wedding.
A winter wedding in the city … Dream dresses inspirations. Bridal Haute Couture Made in Italy.
For the outdoor winter wedding shooting a 1800's c.1825 Swansdown Swan Feather Palatine Stole Museum Piece Rare Antique on the left, on the right Incredible 1930s Aquamarine Silk and Ombre Ostrich Feather Cape Shawl.
You are not planning a snowy wedding but it just happened to be it, then keep calm, have fun and make the most out of it, everything will be fine.
clip from the movie Father of the Bride 
Now inspire your dream: how about exchanging your promises of eternal love enveloped in the magical atmosphere of a snowy winter wedding, maybe in a log cabin in the mountains?
A cozy bridal knit sweater for the bride to be wrapped up in …could be the perfect fitting and adds a perfect sophisticated bohemian glamour to each bridal gown.
If you think there's no setting more romantic than a blanket of snow, then consider planning a winter wedding, using snow and ice to create romantic background for your wedding shooting …
The full festive winter crew.
The smiling pretties in pink braidsmaids.
The enchanted forest.
Snow and fog on your wedding day? How beautiful is this bride? She looks like a princess from a fairytale, bad weather turns out to be just perfect to have the most dramatic shots.
For an enchanted forest a fairytale dream dress from the haute couture collection, Gilded Wings of Paolo Sebastian is what you need, don’t you think?
Maybe you are so lucky, that not only snow is the perfect winter setting for your wedding day, but you are going to getting married under the magic light of the aurora, go beyond the boundaries of your imagination and start dreaming about this stunning natural setting.
A romantic walk in the snow holding hands.
A northern lights love story begins …
And they will live happily ever after …
A change of shoes, to enjoy everything the outdoor has to offer you, with “all terrain” rubber boots, hidden under your dream dress it will be the bride’s little secret, classic white or your “something blu” if you like.
Women's Original Tall Wellington Boots.
I fall in love with this couple, who choose to have their wedding ceremony outside in the snow, a sunny day on the lake shore, the natural setting takes your breath away, look at light, the sky, the panoramic views danced before their eyes, and it was like looking out onto a picture postcard, everything was just perfect.
I now pronounce you husband and wife …
Make some time to enjoy the breath-taking view and take few impressive wedding shots.
Dream dress inspirations and ideas.
From bridal collection 2017 of Katya Katya Shehurina, on the left Magnolia, French floral lace and silk taffeta skirt, on the right Bay, Ladder French lace runs down, elongating the length of the bride’s body teamed with the floral circle lace bordering the sides of the figure.
For the outdoor snow wedding shooting, keep yourselves warm with a 1950s Winter White Silk Faille Asymmetrical Wrap and Jewel Trim on the left or a Tom Ford for Gucci White Marabou Bolero on the right.
What do you think about this beaming bride, on her doorway to a new beginning?
A beautiful snow day made for some very special bridal shots. This gorgeous bride braved the -19 degree weather to get some unique images. 
Wedding gown inspirations and ideas to impress your guests.
Fully sequined long sleeve open back sheath with floral appliqués. 
You’re a brave and confident bride so these amazing wrap ups are made for you to warm up your big day and make a great entrance. On the left a VALENTINO Circa 1980's Dramatic Red Mohair Coat with Draped Collar, on the right Rare Vintage 1986 Zandra Rhodes Limited Reversible Hand Painted Fur Cape.
Maybe you planned for snow on your wedding day, mountains and snow are even better than sun and sand on the beach for you, so make some time to play in the snow.
Enjoy the magic atmospheres of the sky turn ing pink at sunset.
And you should definitely sneak out during the reception to grab a few romantic shots in the night.
Snow wedding gown inspiration, as the last rays of sun is melting away setting fire the endless horizon.
French Chantily lace Camisole with hand cut appliqué detailing, Alencon French lace short and Silk organza and Italian tulle skirt.
Brighten up your outdoor snow wedding shooting, in contrast to the whiteness all around you with stunning wraps. Givenchy Pink Marabou Bolero with Rhinestone Jewel Applique on the left, not enough bold for you than try something hot … Gucci by Tom Ford hot pink marabou bolero.
You are in the mood for a rock winter wedding in the snow? Let yourselves be inspired by this couple who held their weddding in the Alps.
Unforgettable, unconventional, bespoke wedding gown inspirations.
Wedding dress with French Chantilly lace embellished with laser cut flowers and colored patterns along with sequins, pearls and beads.
For such an unconventional stunning dress, you should need a warm and lightweight jacket, the ultimate cold-weather essential to enjoy your time playing in the snow.
Maybe you didn’t planned it, you just live in the cold mountain valleys of Kyrgyzstan, where the temperatures usually fall to −22° degree , if it happens just roll with it and celebrate your big day in happiness.
White Wedding dress inspirations … Vintage and cool.
Satin wedding gowns with marabou pompoms original 1960s on the left and Bouclé Czarina hooded wedding gown original 1960s on the right.
I would like to thank all Bridal designers and the photographers, who have made this wedding journey in the snow possible. 
I would like to thank them all for their kindness and willingness to cooperate and share their work.
Thanks to all of you visitors, that you've joined me in this white wedding journey.
Marcella Lavarini

For me, travel, culture and contemplation of the wonders that our planet holds are fundamental components of what I am. I’ve always thought to be a very lucky person, I had the chance to get together with different cultures, totally different worlds and all the people I’ve met enriched me, nourish and reawaken my soul, open up my mind, I feel like being at home a in melting-pot of cultures and I love weddings and everything about it. I love my beautiful brides, I've always wondered if besides different cultures, different wedding traditions and customs, also the feelings and emotions of the brides are so different?  I’ve started doing researches, asking for brides portrait from all over the world. I asked to the most influential wedding photographer of our time, the Grand Master wedding photographer Yervant, with my surprise and pleasure I discover so much beauty, and I’m talking about the beauty that come from the kindness and openness, of all his team, his shots speak for themselves and tell us the story behind any emotions he framed.
The same kindness and open-heartedness I’ve found in all the people I’ve met for this wedding blog, world-known photographers, famous photo reporters, common people, it is a photographic journey through the feelings and emotions of brides, spread in every corner of our planet. If I ask to any one of these brides, I’m pretty sure they’ll agree on the fact they’ve experienced a really huge range of emotions, laugh and cry, up and downs, stress and anxiety and everything else in between. I think it is totally normal and make them look even more beautiful.  
Shots that tell us about of joy and happiness for a new life is about to begins full of dreams, hopes and possibilities.
Shots that tell us about of mixed emotions: getting married means entering into a new life, from now on you are not alone but you have a partner with whom you will be spending the rest of your life, it is something it will change your lives, and a big change can be a bit scary, even if you’ve dreamt about since you’re a kid, take your time, take a moment just for you to enjoy what are you feeling.
A radiant Indian bride wearing a Pink Lehenga is waiting for her true love …  ( India )
The journey to reach her groom-to-be at the place of the ceremony moves this bride-to-be.  ( Italy)
A serene bride-to-be prepares herself before a traditional Japanese wedding. She radiates a beautiful combination of calm and vulnerability.  ( Japan )
A touching moment for an Indian bride who “can conquer the world with one hand as long as you are holding the other".  ( India )
A beautiful and graceful bride is waiting for her groom. ( Vietnam )
She is Luminita crowned and blessed by the priest, in a solemn moment of the ceremony in the Eastern Orthodox wedding.  ( Romania )
A moment to myself, getting lost in my thoughts – Bride in Verona.  ( Italy )
Brides with different cultures and the only thing I can think of is … they’re so beautiful, no matter who you are, where you are, I see pretty much the same feelings in your eyes and I can say beautiful eyes.
Palke ( Eyelashes ) -  Shot of a bride who was wearing beautiful eyelashes.
Writing this wedding blog I made new friends, I learned a lot about different wedding traditions, and I found goodness,  patience, candidness in all of them.  It was fun and kind of difficult to explain what shot I’ve seen it and need it to a photo reporter who was travelling I don’t know where right in the middle of nowhere, or speak English to someone who speaks Spanish that I don’t understand it … but we made it.
What do you see looking at this bride posing in front of Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet in her traditional wedding dress?
Brides, from all over world, all of them smiling, their eyes are sparkling  and full of love. I see the happiness, their joy is contagious, I don’t see any other differences, do you?
She is “Ciku” a  beautiful princess from Nairobi.  ( Kenya )
A happy Bengali bride.  ( India )
A winter bride from Verona, has fun in the snow playing with her veil.  ( Italy )
A happy Malaysian bride is wearing a yellow songket the traditional Malay attire and she proudly shows her hands after the solemn henna ceremonies. The Yellow also have a meaning: is the official colors of Royal Malaysia.  ( Malaysia )
This cheerful bride is Tiffany from Portsmouth.  ( England )
A bride by the roadside is smiling having her portrait taken in the Yunnan region.  ( China )
A  charming bride is having fun playing with a fan.  ( Italy )
A glowing bride smiles in her pink traditional wedding dress, beautifully embroidered with flowers and the dragonfly.  ( Vietnam )
A young Gorani bride, in her traditional wedding attire, near Vranishta village, in the South Kosovo.
For this bride-to-be the the journey to reach her groom-to-be at the place of the ceremony is so thrilling that she smiles all the way over there.  ( Romania )
A fun and genuine moment behind the scene for this bride to-be getting ready and making funny faces in the mirror, a final make-up check.  ( Germany )
An aura of mystery enveloped this bride hidden by her veil.  ( Mexico )
An aura of mistery enveloped also this enchanting bride.  (Vietnam)
From England a hymn to beauty with the B&W portrait of Marlene Marie. ( England )
Nostalgia. An enchanting Spanish bride in her tradional wedding dress.  ( Spain )
Chinese  glamour, a fairytale photo shoot for this bride in black with a baby grand piano hauled out to a beach front, that evokes old-fashioned European sophistication.  ( China )
Chinese glamour in red for this bride who takes inspiration from fashion magazines and she is having good time acting like a cover model.  ( China )
This bride looks tired after a long day, nevertheless alluring and wearing blue shoes.  ( Romania )
The wild bride. A magical wedding in Cordoba.  ( Spain )
Ending with beauty and joy of this bride full of confidence, she says look at the me I’m going to live happily ever after, I’m about to begin a new life.
I would like to thank all the photographers, who with their shots have made this journey through the emotions possible. 
I would like to thank them all for their kindness and openness, always willing to cooperate and help me understand different wedding etiquettes.
Thanks to all of you visitors, that you've joined me in this photographic journey.
Marcella Lavarini

7/7/2016  Like a dancer impressions
Few days ago I was laughing with my “husband” recalling one of our first and worst week-end spent together, heading to a big Impressionist art exhibition in Treviso fifteen years ago. What could possibly go wrong …went wrong, wrong turns, car broken, but finally we made it. It was there that I fell in love with Degas’s ballet dancers, Degas’s paintings of ballet dancers capture the ...

Photo from the movie Legend (2015)

I love everything about weddings, it is like living in a world of magic and nothing is more rewarding for me than the awareness that I have been given a dream – your dream – to fulfill. But there is more than that, every wedding story begins with a surprise marriage proposal, which is one my favorite kind of event planning, both in Verona the city “The city of Love” were I was born and live and Africa, where I feel at home a in melting-pot of cultures and surrounded by the breathtaking beauty and purity of nature.
Creativity and location are the keys when planning a surprise proposal and both in Verona and Africa  I know everything about “my” places and I’ll find a perfectly quiet and romantic location with a stunning view or setting for you two. Like in a spy movie I’ll be your accessory in planning a moment to be shared for many generations to come.
With one of you I’ll share a secret plan, of which I will take care of every details and I will make sure that everything run smoothly ( timing, light … location) there will be a professional photographer hiding and waiting for you, ready to capture the ‘yes’ and the following moments of happiness and blur of emotions when the world around you just disappear. Planning a destination wedding proposal is fun and exciting but it always gives me the chills … it is the waiting …
Feel free to contact me and ask me everything about a destination wedding surprise proposal, it will be my pleasure to help you …
Now have fun , enjoy an why not let yourselves be inspired by these movie wedding proposal as they’ve came up to my mind, some of them so romantic, other a little bit lighter and fun, intimate or in front of an audience …
Legend (2015)
The true story of one of the most notorious London’s gangsters , the Kray brothers, identical twins who terrorised London during the 1950s and 1960s. It’s the mid sixties when Reggie proposes to Frances climbing all the way up through a drainpipe to her window with a bouquet in one hand to deliver the engagement ring and the marriage proposal …
Dexter – Tv series
I must admit it, I’m a wedding planner and a Dexter fan. Yes he is a serial killer, but when he proposed to Rita and her kids Cody and Astor it was so romantic.. making small things like pizza’s night something worthy to share for the rest of his life.
Sex & the City (2008)
Finally Mr. Big made it and he proposed to Carrie in a closet, a precious blue Manolo Blahnik shoe instead of the engagement ring, it sounds just perfect to me.
Sex & the City – Tv series
Miranda come out of the blue and she proposed to Steve in bar, while talking about good intentions for the future. It was totally unexpected and it could sound weird but that’s Miranda way of dealing with feelings.
The theory of everything (2014)
The movie is based on the true story of the Theoretical physics Stephen Hawking and the drama of his motor neurone diseas. Early sixties at Cambridge University Stephen Hawking begins a relationship Jane Wilde, a literature student, when he learns that he has motor neurone disease and only two years to live. No matter what Jane proposes to him, to share what is left of his life. This is a propose that really melt my heart.
Walk the line (2005)
The movie is based on the life and career of Johnny Cash, a country music artist, and his romance with the American singer, songwriter and actress June Carter. Due to the fact that June would only speak to him on stage ( sick and tired of his addiction for drugs ) Johnny invites June to a duet and he stops in the middle of it, for a “public” proposal, with a bit of embarrassment finally June accepts.
The Wolf of wall street (2013)
The story is based on the successful and decadent lifestyle of Jordan Belfort, and his career as a stockbroker in New York City up to his downfall for corruption and fraud on Wall Street. For his second time around the marriage proposal to Naomi was quite simple … just a big canary diamond.
Monster in law (2005)
What could possibly go wrong when you propose in front of your mother who hates your fiancée? Find it out as Kevin proposes to Charlie in a nice afternoon in front of her mother causing her a shock.
Far from the madding crowd (2015)
Struggling with feelings? What to do If the man you love and once you’ve refused is emigrating to America? You chase after him on horseback and beg him to come back, telling him that you need him. That is what Bathsheba did to spend the rest of her life with Gabriel.
Braveheart (1995)
The movie is based on the life of the Scottish warrior William Wallace, who led the first war for Scottish independence against king Edward of England in the 13th century. William secretly proposes and marry his friend Murron to avoid the right of the lord to have sex with brides on their wedding nights.
Cold Mountain (2003)
The movie is the story of Inman a deserter from the Confederate army close to the end of the American Civil War, who is on his way to return to the love of his life, Ada. Inman  finally reaches Ada at Cold Mountain and before they spend the night together, Inman asks Ada to let him marry her. There is no much time left and they exchange their wedding vows by repeating three times “I marry you”.  
The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
Being the film the adaptation of one of the most famous musical of Andrew Lloyd Webber, the wedding proposal is the beautiful song “All I ask of you”.  Christine reveals to Raoul that she has seen the Phantom’s face and she fears him, Raoul tells Christine she has nothing to worry about because he loves her and he will protect her forevermore.
Natural born Killers (1994)
This is the first movie wedding proposal and wedding scene that hits me, because it was one of the most controversial films I’ve ever seen, provocative, violent but also brilliant I was not sure if I had to include this clip. Mickey and Mallory are cold-blooded killers that media made look like superstars.  They were also so deeply in love with one other and their wedding vows were something to remember so I decided to share this clip
I hope you enjoyed and had fun with my personal compilation of movie and tv shows marriage proposals, and why not you could be inspired by some of them for your surprise fairy tale wedding proposal.
Marcella Lavarini

Photo from Audrey Hepburn by Salvatore Ferragamo

Like many other things, the idea of this “Wonderful Mini Wedding” blog come out naturally after writing the “Iconic and Ironic Tiara” piece, just talking with Ginevra Ansuini, a gemologist and jewelry designer, as well as a gracious and friendly person.  We both hold Audrey Hepburn in high esteem for her sense of elegance, the one made of simplicity and harmony, she always looked glamorous and perfect in every occasion, even during her missions in Africa as Unicef Ambassador, when her outfits were practical and comfortable. In the late sixties she lived in Rome with Andrea Dotti, and while living in Rome she became customer of the Ansuini Maison, the most ancient jewellery house in the city. On the occasion of her marriage to the Count Andrea Dotti, Audrey Hebpurn  got the jewellery to  realize, as a gift for her future mother-in-law (Paola Dotti), a tailored-made keychain, and a handbag made of gold, which is now untraceable.
This anecdote and the bridal fashion of the period were the inspiration for a “Wonderful Mini Wedding” blog.
photo from  Audrey Hepburn by Salvatore Ferragamo
We are in the late sixties, Audrey Hepburn got married with the Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti on 18th January 1969, this is the era of mini dress and bright colors, from everyday fashion to bridal style, clothes industry fell in love with the legs. Short skirts worn higher above the knee gave legs exposure they hadn’t before. Audrey Hepburn, worn a simple yet stunning, wedding ensemble created for her by Givenchy, a light pink mohair and cashmere jersey mini dress, high collar, tight long sleeves with ruffle cuffs. A coat of pale pink wool twill, double breasted, above-knee length and a matching kerchief in the same color and material.  
She managed to look perfect for the period, a mini dress for a civil ceremony and pink instead of white as it was a second marriage.
Today a short wedding dress is as relevant as ever, and it can be reinterpreted adapting it to your own style and your own personality.
For this reason I was inspired by Audrey Hepburn and her late sixties style for my “Wonderful Mini Wedding” blog, with original vintage dresses and jewelry.  Now if you really want to get in the mood of the sixties, put on our sixties playlist, and let yourself be inspired by these beautiful mini wedding dress.
1960's Bridal total white two piece, short sleeve empire line mini dress, the bodice is adorned with lace little flowers. It can be worn with or without its long sleeve coat, both lined in silk satin.
photo by Gianluca Serrago and wedding dress 
1960’s Lace Vintage Wedding Dress. The mini wedding dress is done in a sheer floral lace. Long sleeve and lined in tulle, hemmed in lace hand-made. 
photo by Alessandro Manca and wedding dress   
A circa 1970’s Long and transparent sleeve cream toned lace empire line mini wedding dress.
photo by Eleonora Sebastiani and wedding dress
A circa 1970 mini wedding dress. Bodice in lace daisies macrame, adorned with iridescent teardrop crystals. Long chiffon open sleeve hemmed with lace daisies macrame.
Dress – photo and caption courtesy of     
1960's Bridal  ivory two piece. The classic cut of the dress combined with the raw silk creates a subtle contrast for a refined look. The dress features long lace sleeves and can either be worn with or without the coat.
Dress – photo and caption courtesy of  
1960’s Wedding Dress. The dress is done in a gorgeous semi-attached butter cream toned silk ribbon soutache, adorned with clear sequins, on netting over a butter cream toned silk sheath and is lined in silk crepe with an additional cotton lining.
Dress – photo and caption courtesy of  
1960’s Bell Lace Vintage Wedding Dress. A boho vintage wedding dress is done in a sheer floral lace. This dress is not lined. The bodice offers a high jeweled lace appliqued neckline, v-cut back and open bell sleeves finished with attached satin ribbon bows at the midpoint of the sleeve.
Dress – photo and caption courtesy of  
1960’s Jeweled Damask Vintage Wedding Dress. The dress is done in a cream toned heavy cotton diamond pattern damask over a peach toned satin acetate lining. The sleeveless bodice features a high, banded jeweled collar, which is encrusted in opalescent and silver beads, clear sequins and white pearls.
Dress – photo and caption courtesy of  
1960’s Metallic Crepe Vintage Wedding Dress. trapeze style vintage wedding dress is done in a metallic white sheer embroidered net over a silk crepe slip dress. The sleeveless bodice features a semi bateau neckline, done in a white silk crepe with 3 pearl buttons and a self flat bow in the front.
Dress – photo and caption courtesy of  
These are the years in which fashion and cinema started celebrating each other, cinema and fashion live through each other through their stars who promoted the most important fashion designer by wearing their creations on and off screen. For the reception mood of my “Wonderful Mini Wedding” I was inspired by the movie Two for the Road ( 1967), and its beautiful Mini Evening dresses, just perfect for a change of dress after the cake cutting and the toast, when the time is right to dance the night away, to the hits of the time.
Unforgettable Audrey Hepburn dancing wildly wearing a futuristic creation by Paco Rabanne, a mini evening dress with metal disks, or wearing a multi-coloured psychedelic print mini-dress by Emilio Pucci, in some of the most famous scenes of the movie.
The Paco Rabanne evening minidress with metal disks
The Emilio Pucci's print mini dress
To recall the atmosphere of the movie, original haute couture vintage dresses and high  jewelry:
A circa 1966 Pierre Cardin haute couture cocktail dress in purple, silver and pink ombre lame with beading at the collar and the classic Cardin keyhole opening at the back below the neck.
Dress – photo and caption courtesy of  
     high Jewelry - dress matching - photos
Late 1960's Valentino yellow silk chiffon baby doll dress with pale yellow satin trim.
Dress – photo and caption courtesy of  
   High Jewelry - dress matching - photos 
1968 Pierre Cardin Haute Couture trapeze evening dress embroidered black and gold sequins different size, some of them in rhodium.
Dress – photo and caption courtesy of  
    High Jewelry - dress matching - photos
A circa 1967 Pierre Cardin haute couture green sequined silk crêpe cocktail dress that features a keyhole opening at the back. The main draw of this slinky silk cocktail dress are the shades of yellow, green and light violet appliquéd and embroidered opalescent sequins and beads in spiky, curved shapes by Jean-Guy Vermont. 
Dress – photo and caption courtesy of  
   High Jewelry - dress matching - photos
Mid 1960's Pierre Cardin Haute Couture Chiffon Cocktail Dress Ostrich Feather Trim. Constructed from chocolate brown bias-cut silk chiffon, this simple but supremely elegant cocktail dress features a wrap-around bow at the neck, a body-hugging silhouette and used to spectacular effect - Ostrich feathers at the hem.
Dress – photo and caption courtesy of  
    High Jewelry - dress matching - photos
Mid 1960's silver lamé Cocktail dress, embroidered hexagons and silk organza lining.
Dress – photo and caption courtesy of  
    High Jewelry-dress matching - photos
Evening mini dress in silk organza printed orange on a blue background.
Dress – photo and caption courtesy of    
    HighJewelry - dress matching - photos
For the reception set-up and decorations, why not select a few pieces of the period that have made the history of design? We can have fun playing with colors to create a personal style, combining  skillfully flowers, decor and contemporary furnishings.
Panton chairs created by the Danish designer Verner Panton in the 1960s, in total white for a refined elegant style of your wedding, in black and white if you’re more into an optical trendy style for your fairytale wedding or colorful as in a painting inspired by the pop art of Andy Wharol.
Photo from Total Design and Andy Wharol by Skira
To create a relaxing cocktail lounge where guests can rest sipping a good drink between one dance and the other, the pop and innovative plastic and fibreglass chairs of Eero Aarnio, immediately recreate the atmosphere of the parties of the 60s, as an alternative, the made in Italy and colorful Sacco armchair by Zanotta, as before just using colors to create environments and styles completely different.
Photo from Total Design
If you want to dance the night away, for a late sixties themed wedding party the perfect choice is a playlist with the best hits of the period. These are the years of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, but not only, R&B and Beach music. As first dance as husband and wife, one of my favorite song Can’t Help Falling of Love of Elvis Presley, and my favorite version of it the one sung by Bono unplugged at the end of U2 concerts in 1993 …
Discover our playlist for a late sixties themed wedding and follow us on spotify:


Dress of Dreams ... Where nature meets luxury

Since I began my profession as a destination wedding specialist, I have set as its goal to arrange weddings or exchange of vows under the African sky, immersed in some of the most iconic, pristine, beautiful scenery in the world. Today in partnership with andBeyond family, I achieve my dream.
Now dear brides-to-be, close your eyes with me, and go beyond the limit of your imagination, Inspire your dream of a fairytale wedding  where nature meets luxury, wearing an unconventional haute couture wedding dress, one of the magnificent creation of the Italian fashion designer Marina Mansanta. Her Maison offer to the customers unique creations, the processing is entirely manual, the definition of every little detail, the preciousness of the materials are and remain the intrinsic characteristics of each Mansanta’s Haute Couture bridal collection.
Let’s start with a classic, a beach-chic wedding, but in a real award-winning barefoot beach paradise, a romantic, private hideaway, where beachside bandas overlook the Mnemba atoll. Have fun imagine yourselves try-on these outstanding wedding gown, and be unable to choose between them. The smooth flowing lines of mermaid dresses along the lines large and bulky. Wedding dresses that “come to life” following the movements of your body and the light breeze of the ocean.
Alimede wedding dress - Nymphs Collection
Talia and Etra wedding dresses - Nymphs Collection
Nesea wedding dress - Nymphs Collection
Venue:                         &Beyond Mnemba Island
Scenery photos:          &Beyond
A pink lake-chic wedding
My very first glimpse of Africa, It was many years ago, I’ve never been to Africa before, and Lake Manyara was the first stop-over of our trip to Tanzania. Our passion for wildlife photography brought us ( me and my husband) there, together with the famous Lake Manyara climbing lions. After more than 10 hours flight, and 1 hour of game drive ahead of us before reaching the lodge I felt so tired, a feeling that lasted only few seconds, the time to realize there was a pic-nic table all set-up for us few steps away, what I didn’t get it immediately, we were on the edge of a hill overlooking the lake. A breathtaking panorama, which takes on the many shades of pink of a flamingo’s wings, large herds of buffalo, giraffe, zebra and impala roaming free the lake shore right below us. Remote and romantic the Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, treehouse suites blend intimacy and romance in leafy surrounds of an ancient mahogany forest.
Now dear friends and readers, let your imagination soar, start dreaming of a ceremony on the banks of a lake wearing one of the magnificent creation of the haute couture fashion designer Marina Mansanta. Shades of pink for a wedding dress that call to mind the pink wings of flamingos, a white alluring mermaid wedding dress, that fits close to the body and charms you, shades of gold like the last rays of sun, for a princess wedding dress with a skirt that has numerous layers giving it grandness but still making it seem airy and fluid for movement.
Harlow wedding dress - Muse Collection
Klio wedding dress - Nymphs Collection
Fibriglio wedding dress - Nymphs Collection
Venue:                              &Beyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge
Scenery photos:     
Venue photos:                  &Beyond
The sound of silence a desert-chic wedding
Now dear friends and readers, let your imagination space over endless horizons, dramatic desertscapes in one of the oldest and most pristine areas on earth, the Namib desert. Inspire your dream of  breathtaking beauty with a ceremony in the absolute silence of the desert, where a light breeze constantly shifts the shapes of the dunes. A sea of dunes arrayed in striking hues of red, orange, sienna, gold and buttermilk. The same hues of the wonderful haute couture wedding dresses of the Italian fashion designer Marina Mansanta.  Got you, you’re already trying them on, ready to choose the “One” that it feels is you.
Flottanti Oro wedding dress – Etnica collection
Agave and Melite wedding dresses- Nymphs Collection
Pantar wedding dress– Revival collection
Flora wedding dress – Romantic collection
Zefiria wedding dress – Fate collection
Perla wedding dress – Colonial collection
Venue:                              &Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge
Scenery photos:    
Venue photos:                 &Beyond
A ankle-deeep in rose petals a crater-chic wedding

Now dear friends and readers, close again your eyes and find yourselves ankle-deep in rose petals, exchangin your vows on the Ngorongoro Crater rim, or on Ngorongoro Ground floor, the largest caldera in the world, heaven and shelters for one of the most impressive permanent population of animals of all Africa. Staying in place where Maasai meets Versailles, at the end of the world, you’ll find easy to believe that you’ve entered in a realm just out of your fantasy, lapped in luxury and romance. For such greatness, precious wedding dress of italian haute couture, that combine innovation of style with the tradition of the techniques used. Precious fabrics, lace that are totally reworked, style strongly "unconventional" and careful handwork of every detail of the wedding dress, that is Marina Mansanta.

Poenia wedding dress – Fate collection
Canestro wedding dress – Etnica collection
Clizia Wedding Dress - Nymphs Collection
Shah wedding dress - Precious Collection
Venue:                               &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
Scenery photos:     
Venue photos:                  &Beyond
Out of Africa ... a Bush-chic wedding
Now dear friends and readers, go beyond the limit of your imagination, with a “Out of Africa” wedding in the open bushveld, there are no words to describe the beauty of a ceremony at sunset, when the setting rays of the sun turn the endless savannah a deep red. Life is unplugged and reawaken everyone’s soul. Let me take you in a place that is called “Seven worlds of Wonder” because it comprises seven distinct habitat and each one of them home of an impressive number of animals in the wild. Let a cheetah to welcome you at the airstrip, no kidding, I couldn’t believe it the first time a saw it. Now the time is right to start trying the wedding dresses, could you imagine haute couture wedding dresses other than Marina Mansanta’s for your luxury wedding into the wild? I don’t.
Sancy wedding dress – Precious collection
Indira wedding dress - Colonial Collection
Regent wedding dress - Precious collection
KohI-Noor wedding dress - Precious collection
Venue:                              &Beyond Phinda Homestead
Scenery photos:   
Venue photos:                  &Beyond
A river-chic and falls-chic wedding
For the last time, dear friends and readers, I ask you to close your eyes and go beyond the limit of your imagination, follow me, on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River, lulled by the sound of the slow but endlessly moving river waters, up to where the Zambesi creates one of the world’s greatest wonders, the spectacular Victoria falls, “The Smoke that thunders” and know I ask you, where do you prefer to exchange your vows of Eternal love? On the banks of the river or cruising it, at sunset? Or maybe you prefer to find yourselves right on the edge of the falls for your ceremony? For the last time you have the chance to try on the beautiful wedding dresses of Marina Mansanta haute couture, that seem designed to be in perfect harmony with a ceremony under the African sky and its infinite nuances.
Petalissa wedding dress – Fate collection
Actea wedding dress - Nymphs Collection
Star wedding dress – Revival collection
Venue:                               &Beyond Matetsi  Matetsi Private Game Reserve – new opening next july.
Scenery photos:               &Beyond  -
All these ceremonies are fairytales, but we will turn them into reality without you even noticing the difference. Dear friends, all you need to do is rub Aladdin’s lamp and whisper us what is your dream … letting your imagination soar … because everything is possible and lies within your reach. Be our precious guests.
Thanks to all of you.

4/7/2016  A Romantic beach chic wedding
Which one of you have ever harbored the secret wish of finding yourself the sole inhabitant of a beautiful tropical island? enveloped by the beauty and purity of nature, lulled only by the gentle sound of ocean waves breaking on the beach. What about imagine yourself in a secret romantic, private hideaway, a real barefoot paradise spoiled and pampered, just relaxing  in the exclusivity of your own stretch of ...

3/19/2016  Iconic and Ironic Tiaras
We start from the fact that for us all our brides-to-be are princesses, no matter what your style is, for each one of you we’ll write a fairytale, and then, as if by magic, making it become wonderful reality. So if you feeling like a Princess, the one you’ve dreamed about watching the Royal wedding, or why not a Disney Princess, and you wish to wear a Tiara, just go for it, wear it with elegance, class ...

3/10/2016  Love Song Inspirations For aFairytale Wedding First Dance
My first love since I was a little girl it was dancing, ballet, jazz, modern and Contemporary dance, as a natural result every moment of my life has been influenced by music. I listen to any kind of music from classical to jazz, from pop to rock, via tango, rumba and salsa. In spite of my job as Destination Wedding Specialist that requires keeping an elegant and law profile, unseen behind the scenes, but always in ...

As a great movies fan, I enjoyed preparing a gallery of weddings and brides that most impressed me on the big screen, what more than a film can give you unique and moving experience, make you smile, and cry, just like in one of the most important days in the life of each of us.  Some dresses are truly wonderful, timeless icons. My favorite, definitely, the one designed by Givenchy and worn by Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. A super-modern tea length wedding dress, it’s one of the earliest short wedding dresses, a real innovation for the ’50s, it reminds the Tutu of a ballet dancer. Today, as then simply, minimal, elegant and glamorous. Others unlikely, excessive make me smile or remind me as we were. 
Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy – Funny Face (1957)- photo from the movie

For all the brides-to-be who want to feel like a Disney princess, they can dream the one worn by Lily James for her fairytale wedding to the Prince, in the movie Cinderella (2015), beige colored, long-sleeve, silk organza gown with a floral print, long train. A stunning dress  that well represents the candor of the bride-to-be.
Lily James – Cinderella (2015) – costume designer Sandy Powell – photo from the movie 
For all the brides-to-be who wish a Green trending wedding, with the awareness that, our behavior, even the small details of your Fairytale wedding can make the difference, on limiting the environmental degradation, let be inspired by the movie Ricky and the Flash (2015).  Plantable wedding invitations and so nice the bride’s bouquet with Lavender Grevillea and natural ears of wheat.
photo from the movie Ricki and the Flash (2015)
Now tell me, Who has not dreamed, looking at the breathtaking wedding dress, of the most famous fashion designers, worn by Carrie ( Sarah Jessica Parker) in the Vogue shooting.  Sex & the City (2008).
Sarah Jessica Parker in Vivienne Westwood – photo from the movie
Sarah Jessica Parker in Vera Wang – photo from the movie
Sarah Jessica Parker in Lanvin – photo from the movie
Sarah Jessica Parker in Dior – photo from the movie
Sarah Jessica Parker in Oscar De and  in a vintage dress – photo from the movie
For all the brides-to-be who dream of getting married bare feet on a secluded beach, or an island like in the movie Mamma Mia (2008), let be inspired by the silk-chiffon, multi-tiered gown worn by Amanda Seyfried in the movie, perfect for a boho-chic bride.
Mamma Mia (2008) – Costume designer Ann Roth – photo from the movie
An inspiration, for a vintage wedding style, or an evening glamour reception, which brings us back to the atmosphere of the fabulous ' 20s, let be inspired by the scandalous tango scene, for its time, of the movie Easy Virtue (2008). Colin Firth is just perfect in his black evening tuxedo. Jessica Biel is alluring in a silk sheath dress, which fits close to her body, and enhance her movements during the tango dance.
Colin Firth and Jessica Biel – costume designe Charlotte Walter – photo from the movie
For all the brides-to-be, who dream of wearing one of the amazing creations of Vera Wang, let be inspired by the movie Bride Wars (2009). A Romantic taffeta off-shoulder wedding gown for Anne Anne Hathaway. A classic tulle strapless ball gown with minimal embroidery and a sweetheart neckline for Kate Hudson.
Anne Hathaway in Vera Wang – Bride wars (2009) – photo form the movie
Kate Hudson in Vera Wang - Bride wars (2009) – photo from the movie.
Who has not smiled seeing Nia Vardalos, in her wedding gown, as she sees herself for the first time in the mirror she exclaims, “I’m a snow beast!”  Only after the ceremony, she starts ripping bows off her gown, which makes her look a lot better.
Nia Vardalos – My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) – photo from the movie
For all the brides-to-be, who dream of wearing, an unconventional wedding gown, let be inspired by the short vintage, pink wedding dress, worn by Rachel McAdams in the movie The Vow (2012). It’s so rock and charming.
Rachel McAdams - The Vow (2012) – Costume designer Alex Kavanagh – photo from the movie.
For our bride-to-be Star Wars lovers, o for a vintage style idea, let be inspired by Natalie Portman wedding gown in Star Wars, it reminds to the atmosphere of the fabulous ' 20s, it’s off-white color, see-through and beading elegant dress, the headdress and the veil, stunning decorated.
Natalie Portman - Star Wars Episode II – costume designer Trisha Biggar - photo from the movie
What to say of the striking wedding gown worn by Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the bodice, a Swarovski-crystal organza corset under a metal cage. The metal pieces rising up as fire and flames. The skirt layers of organza and chiffon ruffles giving it grandness but still making it seem airy and fluid for movement when Katniss does the twirling, wrapping herself up in flames.
Jennifer Lawrence in Tex Saverio – Hunger games Catching fire (2013) – photo from the movie.
For our brides-to-be who followed enthusiastically the love story between Bella and the vampire Edward Cullen, let be inspired by the stunning timeless creation of Carolina Herrera, in crepe satin and French Chantilly lace, which fit close to the body. With an open lace back, that features a sheer panel with scrolled embroidery.
Kristen Stewart  in Carolina Herrera - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - photo form the movie 
For our brides-to-be who prefer a wedding gown simply-chic, clean cut in satin, let be inspired by the one worn by Elodie Fontan, in the French movie Serial (Bad) Weddings.
Elodie Fontan  – costume designer Eve-Marie Arnault photo from the movie Serial (Bad) Wedding 


One of my favorite actresses is Julia Roberts, how can we forget her Southern classic wedding, at the end of the 80s’ in the movie Steel Magnolias, wearing an off-the-shoulder satin ball gown.

Julia Roberts – costume design Julie Weiss – Steel Magnolias (1989)

Few years later, we found her as an insecure bride-to-be in the movie the Runaway Bride. Let be inspired by the wonderful off-the-shoulder lace-embroidered gown, created by Amsale Aberra.
Julia Roberts in Amsale Aberra – Runaway Bride (1999) – photo from the movie
How can we forget the ’80s early ’90s and their excessive and unlikely outfits? Well represented here by Molly Ringwald in her wedding day, romantic, fun and full of unexpected.
Molly Ringwald – Costume design Mary Malin - Betsy's Wedding (1990s) – photo prom the movie
Returning to the present day, simple and elegant, the wedding gown worn by Katherine Heigl, in the movie Jenny's Wedding.
Katherine Heigl – costume designer Karen Young - Jenny's Wedding - photo from the movie
Inspire your dream for a winter wedding immersed in an atmosphere muffled by the whiteness of the snow with the movie Marley & Me (2008). It’s so romantic, the newlyweds frolicking in the snow. Jennifer Aniston wearing a floating satin and lace gown, and a silky cream shawl.
Jennifer Aniston – Marley and me (2008) – costume designer Cindy Evans – photo from the movie