Location and Inspirations
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Location and Inspirations

Photo courtesy of Sabina Mladin

Fairytale Locations and Inspiration for your Dreams
Dear friends, one of the strengths of Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola is being able to make any ceremony or event you dream of a reality, anywhere in the world and in any location you wish for. We are proud of our events staff, who are always on the lookout for prestigious, classy locations, whether immersed in untouched nature on a private island, or in breathtakingly beautiful settings where you will be pampered at some of the best prize-winning “small luxury hotels” in the world. In all these locations, you are guaranteed top-quality treatment, as both the locations and the service are lovingly taken care of – down to the finest detail – by specialists whose job and privilege it is to look after you.
Thanks to the partnership with &Beyond and our partners in Italy, we can offer an impressive selection of locations. You can choose to make your dream a reality in a beautiful medieval abbey, in a castle decorated with precious tapestries, in a historic mansion overlooking a lake, in a flower garden surrounding a picturesque cottage, in a period farmhouse surrounded by olive trees and vineyards, in a rustic-chic barn, or in a magical land where the desert dunes gently slope down toward a secluded beach. Or on the rim of the Ngorongoro crater, the guest of a luxury hotel with the uniqueness of a panoramic view over a territory designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Or maybe you’d prefer…
On top of a hill overlooking the unequaled great migration across the African savannah, in fantastic suites in the Indian jungle, or in boutique lodge hotels in the loneliness of the Atacama Desert, in spectacular luxury hotels in the Patagonia region, in a luxury spa-boutique hotel at the foot of the majestic Andes with a wonderful selection of wines; or in a peaceful hidden oasis you can discover an extraordinary hotel made of suites and villas in the depths of the “Iguazu Falls” subtropical rain forest. Or finally, if you prefer, the elegant palaces of the Indian Maharajahs, soaked in history and former glory.
Luxury wedding into the wild
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A “star” proposal from Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola, designed by our events staff for our dreamers, who want to achieve their dreams, and wish to “breathe in the essence of Love with a capital ‘L’”, is the city of Verona. Not only is Verona the fourth most important Italian city of art, but it is also famous as “the city of Love”, as it is the setting of Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”, where the two most famous lovers in history lived out their passion.
Dear friends, after the effort of reading the above, we now ask you to relax, close your eyes and begin to dream with us ... Let yourselves be carried away by the dream you want to make come true for yourselves, call to mind the places we painted pictures of above, then whisper into our ear how you’ve always imagined your fairytale wedding, the one you’ve always fantasized about and wanted to turn into reality, the dream you’ve talked about since you realized you were soul mates and vowed eternal love to each other …
Is it perhaps your desire to be surrounded by wild and unspoiled nature, in the most beautiful and untouched locations on the planet? Do you imagine yourselves spending the days preceding and following the ceremony – as well as what will be “your day” – relaxed, pampered and spoiled, enveloped by the glamour of a small luxury hotel, immersed in the evocative atmosphere of the movie “Out of Africa”? Do you imagine yourselves exchanging wedding vows under the sky of the kinds of places that don’t appear on postcards, as the rays of the setting sun turn the horizon a deep red and in the distance you hear the timeless sound of lapping waves? Would you prefer the silence of the Namibian desert, or the Patagonian steppe? Have you always wanted to witness thousands of animals following the route of the great African migration, maybe from the comfort of a small luxury hotel? Have you’ve always wanted to hear the birds singing in the Indian jungle or in the majestic Andes, maybe from the comfort of a luxury hotel?
In each of the places described above, you will be “in the wild”, but you also will find high standards of quality and true luxury for your “wild wedding” experience, guarantee by Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola - &Beyond.
Dear friends, even if you dream of more traditional venues, Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola will be your key to access exclusive locations, such as prestigious mansions with beautiful gardens, captivating castles where you can feel the history all around you and where the word “ancient” becomes a sign of distinction, or charming farmhouses surrounded by gently rolling hills that take on different shades of colors throughout the year never ceasing to amaze.
Fairytale wedding you may kiss the bride
Whatever you choose, our staff will have the joy of taking care of every detail of the ceremony with passion and diligence, and luxury will always be synonymous with style, class and refinement. Our mission is to fulfill your dreams, turning them from desires into tangible reality, as everything will be planned and “made to measure” just for you.
For this reason, dear friends, now all you have to do is tell us what your dream is and Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola will be the genie who makes your wish come true ...
Inspire your dream: how would you like to exchange your promises of eternal love immersed in the bush of the savannah and surrounded by beautiful animals, feeling like you’re part of a documentary? When you get back from your expedition, you’ll be comprehensively pampered and spoiled in the luxury accommodation you’ve chosen. The wedding banquet will be served in whichever place you prefer, with dishes prepared for you by world-class chefs using the best ingredients. We will let you find out that the words “adventure” and “elegance”, may sometimes magically become synonyms ...
Luxury wedding into the wild happy momentsTossing the Bridal Bouquet
Just marriedhot tub with a view
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Inspire your dream: what would you say to exchanging your promises of eternal love on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, ankle-deep in rose petals, a wedding banquet prepared for you right there on the crater or inside the sumptuous banqueting rooms in the lodge? And what about staying in luxurious villas, surrounded by atmospheres of other times, in a place of dramatic contrasts, where Versailles meets Maasai, waking up among all the trappings of an elegant baroque chateau furnished with brocaded sofas, gilt mirrors, beaded chandeliers and paneled walls?
wedding ankle deep in rose petals
Relax ankle deep in rose petalsbride bouquet red roses
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Inspire your dream: how about exchanging your promises of eternal love among the endless shades of pink painted by the wings of the flamingos covering Manyara lake? Would a romantic ceremony on the lake shore, maybe deciding to wear a wonderful pink wedding dress for the occasion and staying in romantic stilted tree house suites in the shade of a mahogany forest be “up your street”?
A lake colored pink by flamingos
 pink flamingoa flamingo inspired wedding dress 
Inspire your dream: what do you think about exchanging your promises of eternal love in the absolute silence of the desert, where a light breeze constantly shifts the shapes of the dunes, stirring the colors of the evening light that reflects off the sand dunes, some of which flow all the way into the ocean? Do you hanker for a world of vast spaces and endless horizons? In this spectacularly beautiful luxury location, spacious suites envelop guests in pure indulgence.
Desert landascape
wedding romance under the starboho inspired wedding decoration
star wedding invitation Galaxy stars wedding cake
Inspire your dream: how about exchanging your promises of eternal love on a small island on the very edge of the Victoria Falls, with clouds of water vapor that rise up to the sky for kilometers? In the background the conductor of the orchestra will be the mighty Zambezi river that at the end of its slow and placid course plummets into in a gorge with a drop of 108 metres (354 ft.). And how about staying in luxury suites overlooking the majestic river?
Inspire your dream: what would to say to exchanging your promises of eternal love on the beach of a private and secluded island reserved exclusively for you, surrounded only by the beauty and purity of nature, and lulled by the gentle sound of ocean waves? To relaxing and unwinding in the privacy of your own stretch of beachfront?
 photos courtesy of &Beyond

photo courtesy of Green Tea Phototography

Or if you close your eyes, can you imagine yourselves in our “Bel Paese”, Italy?
Inspire your dream: what would you think about exchanging your promises of eternal love in the wonderful halls of a castle decorated with gilded carvings or the frescoed rooms of a period mansion? The wedding dress will be fit for a Princess of our fairytale, inspired by the style of the great royal houses. The wedding banquet will be a showpiece of international gourmet cooking and will be served in sumptuous banqueting halls.
Inspire your dream: what would you say to exchanging your promises of eternal love in a glamour hotel, a charming loft with minimal decor and designer pieces warming up the room, along with a welcoming banqueting hall where all the best in local food and wine will be served? Elegant, unfussy, stylishly minimalist, quite simply chic …
Inspire your dream: what would you say about xchanging your promises of eternal love enveloped in a dark  bohemian atmosphere ?  Uncoventional glam.
Photo courtesy of Jenny Packham
Photo courtesy of Honey Crumb
Inspire your dream: how about exchanging your promises of eternal love in the garden of a historic villa by a lake or in the countryside, in the warm and informal atmosphere of an old farmhouse in a vintage or country style, or while you inhale the scent of lavender in a garden of Provence?
Inspire your dream: how would you feel about exchanging your promises of eternal love in an unconventional location, one that’s bohemian like you who love to surround yourself with brighter colors? For your wedding banquet we look out niche products, not yet known to the public, but of excellent quality ...
 Photo courtesy of Green tea Photography
Inspire your dream: how about exchanging your promises of eternal love enveloped in the vineyards and olive groves or on the shores of a lake, maybe in a log cabin in the mountains?
Photo courtesy of Paolo Berzacola
... Inspire your dream, let your immagination soar about exchanging your promises of eternal love, caressed by the mild warmth of spring or immersed an atmosphere muffled by the whiteness of the snow ...
Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola … whatever your dream is, it is within our reach …
Thanks to all of you, from our staff of Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola.