Wedding Banquet Excellencies
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Wedding Banquet Excellencies

The Best Food and Wine for the Wedding Banquet
When it comes to the wine and food served during the reception, the priority of Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola is to ensure that the ingredients are absolutely top quality, the perfect base to add a large pinch of creativity and skill to. Our Chefs give free rein to their imagination, but are always guided by the ideals of style and sophistication. In any case, our Chefs and Sommeliers will interpret your tastes and work side by side with you to create the best food and wine experience for you and your guests. Experience tells us we should avoid overeating and monothematic menus, but adapt to the tastes of all the guests and present various alternatives for the main courses.
For every dish that will arrive on guests’ tables, at Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola we require our Chefs to use the best quality of ingredients, and prepare international delicacies as well as samples of the best dishes the local cuisine has to offer. In our opinion one of the most important elements behind the success of a wedding banquet is choosing fresh ingredients in the right season. The quantity and sophistication of the foods and wines we have chosen over the years, together with the quality of the ingredients, will allow you to choose from the several options our Chefs suggest, so that you and your guests will be delighted with every dish at your fairytale wedding banquet.
Dear friends, a source of pride for us is the fact that at each wedding or event we organize, Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola bears a hallmark of excellence and quality, no matter where your dream leads us. Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola will provide the same standards of quality for every aspect of the organization and the on-the-day services for your fairytale wedding, whether you choose a traditional ceremony in a popular location, or prefer a ceremony somewhere secluded and off the beaten track. We’ll be always with you, to make your dreams come true with refinement, luxury and charm. Our “Made in Italy” professional background means we carry out every task with style and finesse so we can guarantee you, our friend, complete satisfaction. We offer only the best in international food and wine, as well as tastes of the local specialties in each region and area, supported by Chefs trained to satisfy the demands of discerning international guests.
For this reason, Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola has formed a partnership with &Beyond, the world leader in the “small luxury hotel” category, and more especially the undisputed leader in creating “tailor-made fairytales” in the most exclusive and iconic locations on the planet. They guarantee breathtaking scenery and the utmost attention to details in every “small luxury hotel” in the group.
In the event of special requests, such as wanting Italian wine and food right in the middle of nowhere, in partnership with &Beyond we can arrange a tailor-made banquet that will blend the excellence of Italian food and wine with the unique elegance of a “small luxury hotel”, located somewhere you thought existed only in your dreams ...

The Best of Italian Food and Wine
Dear friends, as far as the receptions held in Italy are concerned, it is a well-established tradition of Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola to literally take you by the hand and lead you on a virtual journey through the food and wine produced in the local area, where the senses of taste, smell and sight will be an integral part of the experience of your fairytale wedding.
Italian cuisine is a perfect combination of excellent quality and balanced eating, and draws on centuries-old traditions. It’s extremely important to show meticulous attention to detail and have a passion for making wholesome, attractive food well. In the international food and wine industry, the excellence of “Made in Italy” is widely known and appreciated. Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola will allow international guests to enjoy the experience and sophistication of the Italian way of life, with the most exclusive and sought-after local products in the world always following the rule of choosing produce in season – on a journey to discover the smells, tastes and customs that define our land.
For future newlyweds and their guests, Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola and their Chefs will devote themselves with enthusiasm to the search for new taste sensations, in order to discover or rediscover dishes and traditions from the various regions, often reworked or served in modern combinations. Local wines will be selected to accompany the different dishes and flavors of the best of Italian in general, the local area and the season. Our Sommeliers will provide the bride, the groom and their guests the best that the Italian wine tradition has to offer – the big names and most prestigious labels. An example is the wine production of the Langhe region using the Nebbiolo grape, Barolo wine above all, or the great wines of Tuscany, such as Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti Classico, produced from Sangiovese grapes. We can find equally important wines if we move to the Verona area, especially the great reds of Valpolicella. The best of these is Amarone, produced with orchestrated perfection from the union between the predominant Corvina and Rondinella grapes and softer hints of the Molinara grape. Our staff won’t omit to offer tastings of wines produced in limited series by small, lesser-known but equally excellent wineries. From the beginning to the end of your banquet, the Sommeliers will carefully match the appropriate wine with the course being served. A light and delicate wine for the first course, a generous and fragrant but not too robust red for white meat, while for red meats, game and certain quality cheeses, they will match a strong, full-bodied red wine.
If seafood (fish, shellfish or oysters) is to be served, we can offer something sparkling as an alternative to an excellent dry white wine, either Champagne, or, while we’re on the subject of the best that Italy has to offer, why not go for the world-famous Prosecco?
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Table Decoration
Dear friends, wherever you want to make your dream come true, whatever the destination or location you choose, whether your reception will be organized in a sumptuous castle, in a villa, on the lake shore, in a “small luxury hotel” in the bush or in the African desert, on a private island surrounded by the myriad colors of the ocean and the sunset ... and much more ... the staff of Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola and our chosen Maître d’s will make sure the table preparation and decorations leave nothing to be desired.