Wedding Cake and Delicacies
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Wedding Cake and Delicacies

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The Importance of the Wedding Cake

Dear friends, the cutting of the wedding cake is one of the most important and show-stopping moments of all fairytale weddings: candles are lit, the lights are dimmed until they fade out completely, soft background music creates a romantic, magical atmosphere; anticipation grows, the excitement of everyone in the room is almost palpable, the eyes of every guest are turned toward the newlyweds as they wait for the triumphant entrance of the wedding cake. This is a symbolically significant moment that should amaze and enchant everyone present, Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola will design for you a striking event.
A Delectable New Trend ... The  Nearly “Naked Cake”
After beautiful multi-tiered wedding cakes, mounted on special structures, decorated with sugar paste and garnished with fresh flowers – veritable works of art – the latest trends show that the new must-have is the “naked cake”. It’s called “naked cake” because it’s stripped of the sugar paste coating to emphasize the fillings and textures inside. Generally these cakes are multi-tiered, and since the cake layers are completely exposed, any fillings between the layers will show through: these delicious additions are deliberately made to be “imperfect”. They can be adorned with different decorations for different settings: a romantic cascade of colorful fresh flowers, fresh berries or fruits, rainbow sprinkles and many more. Fantastic to have, even better to eat.
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A Little Bite of History
The wedding cake had a prominent place in ancient ceremonies, and was used to wish luck to newlyweds in Roman times. Back then of course they didn’t have the works of art we have nowadays – they broke and crumbled a simple layered wheat cake over the head of the bride to wish her fertility. Sharing this cake was also perceived as a gesture of love and a symbol of fertility. The circular shape of the cake, like wedding rings, represented the promise of eternal love that the couple exchanged with each other. The cake layers also had an important meaning, standing for the path that the couple were going to walk together, hand in hand.
Suggestions from Italian Wedding Etiquette
The cutting of the wedding cake is a gesture that the couple should perform together. In wedding etiquette, the husband takes hold of the knife to cut the cake, then the bride puts her hand on top of her husband’s and they cut the first slice together. This first slice is to be served by the bride to her husband, a gesture that reinforces the promise of that day, to stand by him for the rest of her life. Only later will the wedding cake be cut by staff and served to all the guests.
A Wedding Cake Curiosity
A charming old tradition states that in the case of a multi-tiered wedding cake, the couple should take home the top tier, the smallest one. The wedding cake should be wrapped in greaseproof paper and frozen, then thawed and eaten by the newlyweds to celebrate the anniversary of the first month of marriage, so that they can enjoy a miniature version of the original cake and relive together the day of the ceremony.
Our special friends, remember that enjoying at least one piece of cake not only appeases a sweet tooth, but is a way to wish the newlyweds well.
Photo Courtesy Renato Ardovino
Photo courtesy Renato Ardovino

Photo courtesy of Renato Ardovino

The Sweet Table
The wedding cake and a corner just for sugared almonds are essential in any Italian wedding experience. However, dear friends, let us ask you, why not also let yourself be pampered and inspired by other fine bakers’ confections?
The “sweet table”, is a tradition of American origin but it’s rapidly becoming popular in other countries. Basically it’s a table full of small desserts, fruit, chocolate, miniature pastries, cookies, cupcakes, marshmallows and candy specially arranged to tie in with the theme of the wedding.
To add this touch of sweetness, just rely on the creativity and refinement of our professional team of Master Confectioners, flower designers and maître d’s, since all the elements, from the flowers to the trays, will have to be in perfect harmony not only with each other but also with all the other decorations and the wedding theme. Experience has taught us that the more spectacular the table looks the better, but what guests will relish most is the quality of the delicacies served and the chance to savor the taste of delicious new sweets. To this end, we have recently designed some custom packages, in order to offer your guests, the chance to go on enjoying these sweets at home: we’ll make them up as a gift that the couple will give to their guests as a selection of sweet memories.
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The Toast
Dear friends, on a par with the importance of the cutting of the wedding cake we have the toast. Wedding etiquette tells us that the bride’s father is the most appropriate person to dedicate a toast to his daughter and her groom. The father – or the closest male relative to the bride – raises his glass to make the first toast, expressing good wishes for the newlyweds concerning the new life that the couple is about to begin from that day. For such a unique and deeply symbolic moment, nothing wishes the newlyweds well better than a glass of fine bubbly. In order to give greater emphasis to the moment, our staff will create uniquely striking visuals for each event, such as constructing a pyramid of crystal goblets and delicate cut flowers, over which a generous cascade of the best bubbly on offer will be poured.
The Advice of Sommeliers
Despite being instantly friendly and likeable, when it comes to bubbles our Sommeliers turn into serious professionals with refined palates, who absolutely insist on excellence. They never compromise on the origin of the best products on the market: essentially they divide the bubbly into two countries – France and Italy – and advise you according to your personal tastes. In their opinion, France and Italy are the only places that can guarantee excellent quality and a range of different nuances of flavors and aromas.
Origin Equals Excellence
Dearest friends, let yourself be carried away on a wave of bubbles from the best French champagne, sourced from the only four regions certified and recognized as champagne producers. These are: the Reims Mountain where the predominant grape variety is Pinot Noir, the Marne Valley with its Pinot Meunier, the Côte des Blancs with its white chardonnay grapes and, last but not least, the vineyards of the Aube where Pinot Noir is the main grape grown.
For those who prefer bubbly with a “Made in Italy” label, we will offer only the absolutely best Italian sparkling wines, proposing those most appreciated around the world and by Italians: the popular Franciacorta, Trento DOC and Prosecco appellations. Our Sommeliers, in addition to classics like the products of the Franciacorta, Oltrepò Pavese and Trentino regions – not to mention the Piedmont region – and of course with a special place reserved for Prosecco with all its different expressions of flavors and fragrances, will also introduce you to the sparkling wine of lesser-known areas, like the Lugana produced between Lombardy and Veneto, and some emerging regions in the sector, such as Tuscany, Campania and Sicily, as well as a number of excellent niche products.
Chardonnay, Glera and Pinot Noir are the most famous sparkling grape varieties, but they are not the only ones of course – here as in so many cases there is a multitude of niche products, each with its own unique expression. Some examples worthy of mention are Durella sparkling wine or the production of white wine from Sangiovese and Barbera grapes, as well as interesting products like “liqueur d’expedition”, made from grapes fermented in amphorae, as was done in ancient times.
A perfect accompaniment for the delicacies of the “sweet table” may be found in dessert wines such as Asti Spumante and Moscato, with the Moscato Fior d’Arancio (“Moscato orange blossom”) standing out. A showpiece that will give guests a real taste of what Verona has to offer is the Recioto della Valpolicella, best accompanied by intense chocolate flavors, or by dry pastries and cookies.
Etiquette and Traditions
According to etiquette, glasses should not be tipped against one another making the tinkling sound that often accompanies toasts, while if we turn to folk traditions and ancient legends, it would appear that the clinking of glasses would cast out the demons that took possession of the guests together with their abundant intake of wine.
Dear friends, the choice is yours ...
Meanwhile our staff raise their glasses in a toast to all the couples who are reading the story of Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola.

The New Mouth-Watering Trend
A theatrical element that attracts the curiosity and tickles the taste buds of many guests at any fairytale wedding is the moment when fantastic fountains of flowing melted chocolate are brought in. For your fairytale wedding, our staff suggest this “special effect”, with lights glinting off the waterfall of chocolate creating magical shades of colors. It’s a perfect element of surprise to amaze your guests just when they think the party is coming to an end. Chocolate fountains on the one hand delight the palate with their deliciousness and on the other delight the eyes, as they create an evocative and enchanting atmosphere to amaze and thrill your guests.
The ancients considered cocoa the “food of the gods”, believing that it was able to calm their restless spirits and improve their moods.
Thanks to all of you, from our staff of Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola.